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Metallurg Vanadium Corporation (MetVan®) held its Retirement and Employee Service Award Dinner on Tuesday, October 27, at Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center. Twenty-two employees and 11 retirees were honored for their contributions and years of service, with a total of 636 years of service among all honorees. Hoy E. Frakes, Jr., President, members of the Company’s leadership team and Jon Sedor, USW Unit President, presented the service awards and honored retirees with gifts of appreciation.

The following individuals were honored:  

Rick Stoldt – 43 years of service
Elvin Wickham – 41 years of service
Richard Wilson – 40 years of service
Roger Whaley – 38 years of service
Lloyd (Bud) Purvis – 37 years of service
Ron Trott – 37 years of service
Jim Wallace – 20 years of service
Homer Gander – 20 years of service
Kate Todd – 20 years of service
Larry Woods – 13 years of service
Jim W. Ayers – 12 years of service

40 Years
Jim Koehler - Sampler

30 Years
Rodney Anderson – Mobile Equipment Operator

25 Years
Bill Gress – Lift Truck Operator

20 Years
Jon Latchic – Maintenance “A”
Harold Glosser – Packer
Jeff Wray – Mobile Equipment Operator
Eric Stoldt – Maintenance “A”
Jeff Stevens – Overhead Crane Operator
Randy Cook – Production Supervisor
Bruce Webster – Production Supervisor
Gary Smith – Director of Aluminum Sales

10 Years
Hoy E. Frakes, Jr. – President

5 Years
Gary Coyle – Maintenance “A”
Paul Urdak – Mobile Equipment Operator
Jim D. Ayers – Furnace Room Helper
Dave Stillion – Arc Furnace Utility
Wayne Winner -- #2 Furnace Operator
Randy Williams – Arc Furnace Utility
Shawn Buchtel – Controller
Stacy Carr – Human Resource Manager
Mike Rolling – Project Accountant
Russ Salimbeni – Plant Accountant

Metallurg Vanadium Corporation (MetVan®) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V., a global leader in the production of highly engineered specialty metal products and advanced vacuum furnace systems. Located in Cambridge, Ohio, MetVan® specializes in the environmentally beneficial conversion of oil refinery and power plant waste products into specialty metals used by global steel producers in automotive, energy transmission and construction applications. By using materials which would otherwise be discarded as waste, MetVan® encourages environmental stewardship, energy conservation and resource recovery, making it the environmental leader in this global industry. MetVan® is the leading North American producer of ferrovanadium and has two primary product lines: FEROVAN®, its ferrovanadium alloy used in the production of steel to give it strength, and FeNiMoly® which is a valuable additive utilized in the production of stainless and carbon steels.  




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